Raku-Raku Pack

What is “Raku-Raku”?

Raku-Raku means “comfortable” or “easy” in Japanese.
In removal, especially international, it is very difficult to do everything by yourself.
We offer “Raku-Raku” service from home to destination (where our colleagues are located).

We’ll do everything for you!

We offer full removal services like packing, preparing shipping documents, custom clearance, insurance arrangement, delivery, opening the boxes, unpacking and setting up furniture at your new home.

Our service quality makes you happy!!

Our company is growing with many customers trust which comes from our high quality removal. We try to serve high quality and make you comfortable all the time.

Service schedule

  • Survey
    We visit you to make a survey of your removal. We advise you on cost, we provide you with destination information and about the removal itself.
  • Supply Packing Materials
    If you need some packing materials we will deliver them to your home.
  • Packing and picking up your personal effects
    We pack personal effects such as kitchen utensils, bedding, clothing,children’s items, books, appliances and so on with experience, for a safe move.
  • Palletizing and shipping
    Prepare your shipment on pallets for shipping to avoid any damage during transportation. We ship your goods through our consolidation service.
  • Customs clearance at destination
    After your goods arrive at their destination, we will prepare the documents for the import clearance. (some countries require us to prepare special documents, please ask our office before you depart.)
  • Delivery and unpacking
    After clearance is done, we will make a delivery appointment with you. When we deliver your goods, we can unpack the goods and setup your furniture.
  • Picking up your packing materials after unpacking.
    After delivery (in case you have unpacked by yourself), we will pick up your packing materials for disposal.
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